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Welcome to September, 2014! Summer is winding down and we will soon be enjoying the colorful leaves and the cooler weather. As we all know, the nice weather won't last forever! So, take advantage of the waning days of our September Indian Summer and get out and enjoy the beautiful Central Virginia weather!

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Chameleon & Co. Salon

Whether you are looking for a chic new look for Fall or just your regular trim, color or a trendy Brazilian blowout, look no further than Chameleon & Co. Salon! Located on the second floor of Lake Anna Plaza, owner/stylist Dana Robertson and her talented staff will take good care of your entire family’s hair care needs.

Chameleon & Co. Salon officially opened for business on December 1, 2010, much to the delight of everyone in the Louisa and Lake Anna areas. Dana been a hair stylist for eleven years and Chameleon & Co. is a full-service family salon that brings a wonderful new level of services to our area. Everyone at Chameleon & Co. is focused on providing you a comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable visit while they bring out your inner beauty. [Read More]

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Community Events - September 2014

As usual, there are many, many events happening in our area this month. Although the LCPRT Aquatic Facility at the Betty Queen Center will close for the season on September 1st, the facilities at LCPRT remain open year-round and activities are always in the works! This month check out Yoga classes, Aikido for kids, Life Stages Martial Arts Karate for the whole family and even hunter education for all ages. Use the outdoor facilities as often as you can, year-round! [Read More]

Food for the Soul by Pastor Leroy Davis

The "Manager's Specials"

This is the kind of thing that seems to happen most often to others but not me. So, you can imagine how surprised I was to pull into the parking lot and actually find a parking space close to the front of the grocery store (note: I know I have written about grocery stores previously, but this is different). I was on a mission. I had a short list of items enumerated in the text message from Cathy. There was clear hurriedness to my pace. I quickly pulled my items off the shelves and deposited them into the cart (I almost called the cart a buggy because carts are called buggies where I was raised). The last item on my list was milk – ½ gallon of skim milk. When I got to the dairy case and opened the door I noticed an unusual label on some of the jugs of milk. The label read “Manager’s Special”. But it was the price that caught me off guard – $.25. That’s right, 25 cents for a half gallon of milk. I immediately looked for the expiration date expecting it to be that day but it wasn’t. The expiration date was 5 days later. I must confess that in my skepticism I almost put it back on the shelf but I did not. It must be a trick, but it wasn’t. This half gallon of skim milk was almost free. I admit that I was not fully convinced that it was “special” until I twisted off the cap and did a taste test. It was fresh. I was surprised and grateful for this “Manager’s Special”. [Read More]

Your Health & Wellness Advice by Dr. David G. Schwartz M.D.


Dr. Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine wrote an essay Jan 15, 2009 in the New York Review of Books, entitled, “Drug Companies and Doctors, a Story of Corruption,” regarding three books: Side Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower, and a Bestselling Anti-depressant on Trial by Alison Bass, Our Daily Meds: How the Pharmaceutical Companies Transformed Themselves into Slick Marketing Machines and Hooked the Nation on Prescription Drugs, by Melody Petersen, and, Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness, by Christopher Lane. [Read More]

Life in Louisa by Sandy O'Brien


Wow, it is hard to believe that summer is over! It seems like we just celebrated Memorial Day and here we are at Labor Day once again. But, what a summer it was! I can't remember a summer that I enjoyed more; we had so many concerts, benefits, trips to the Aquatic Facility (isn't it wonderful?), classes at the Betty Queen Center, whew! And, a very special thank you to all my wonderful friends and family for the delightful birthday surprise party! Talk about surprised, I hadn't had a birthday party since I was a tiny tot. It was the perfect ending to the perfect summer!

The weather this summer was certainly reminiscent of last summer's weather. I wonder if these overall cooler summers are here to stay? Not that I am complaining! I just melt when the temperature's in the upper 90's (or lower 100's) and the humidity makes you feel as if you've just stepped into a sauna instead of simply out the front door. [Read More]

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