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Welcome to July 2015 Edition!

Well, summer is here in full swing. The weather is typically sunny, hot and humid! It's Lake weather! We start off celebrating the Independence Day on the 4th of July and that's just the beginning. We have a fun month ahead of us.

July is National Picnic Month, why not celebrate with a wonderful summer picnic, filled with all the freshest fruits and veggies of the season? I can't imagine a better way to while away a few hours and reconnect with nature. July is also National Parks Month and UV Safety Month. So, be sure and take your sunscreen and sunglasses along on that picnic. You could even go picnicking at Lake Anna and get in on all three celebrations!

Whatever you do this month, be sure to enjoy the great weather we are blessed with here in Central Virginia!

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Sponsor Spotlight - Joe-Joe's Super Heroes Restaurant

Joe-Joe's Super Heroes Restaurant

Joe-Joe's Super Heroes Restaurant, located in Town Square Shopping Center in Mineral, VA, is open seven days a week and is serving up some of the best food around! Whether you are in the mood for a quick sandwich, Italian sub or a monster steak and cheese with "the works," Joe-Joe's Super Heroes Restaurant is where you should go! Joe-Joe's also serves up great pizza with all the traditional toppings, if you're in the mood. And, the prices are so reasonable, you can take the team out for a post-game party!

When Joe White opened this restaurant, he knew he wanted a family-friendly restaurant with friendly staff, great food and where people could gather for a good time. Joe-Joe's Super Heroes Restaurant offers friendly service and creative, delicious comfort food for reasonable prices. The atmosphere is great at Joe-Joe's; you will have a smile on your face before you leave. [READ MORE]

Community Events

July is a hot month in more ways than one! We have lots of "hot" events coming to our area this month! In addition to the always popular lazy days on Lake Anna, we have the high-energy Mineral Bluegrass Festival coming to Walton Park for it's 32nd year! This highly-anticipated event is a crowd pleaser every year. Did you know that Louisa residents receive a $5.00 discount off admission to the Bluegrass Festival? Be sure to bring your ID!

We kick off the month of July with the 73rd annual Louisa Firemen's Fair on July 1 - 4th. Come out and enjoy old-fashioned family fun with rides, fair food and games! The Louisa Fireman's Parade will be held on July 2nd at 7:00 p.m., starting on W. Main Street to Fredericksburg Avenue. Fireworks will be presented on July 3rd at 9:30 p.m. [SEE EVENTS]

Food for the Soul by Pastor Alex Riffee

Editor's Note: We are happy to welcome Pastor Alex Riffee to's Food for the Soul. As in the past, please feel free to contact him about any of his articles. PLEASE CLICK HERE to learn more about Pastor Alex Riffee.

“Finding Where Opportunity Lies” Or “The Blessing Of Inconvenience”

Whenever you find yourself being inconvenienced, God blesses you with an opportunity. I had received this advice many times over from Tony Jarvis, one of my seminary teachers and friends. During that period of my life, other students and myself had the privilege to share almost everything with one another. One such practice was Morning Prayer. It was within the context of the wider community that at 6:30 a.m., every morning, we trudged together to a sacred space to sit in silence and offer prayers with one loud and hope filled voice. All of this was done before our first sip of coffee.

Morning Prayer was a compulsory exercise. It was our duty, not simply privilege, to surround ourselves with prayer and to start our day together in the manner that was befitting future church leaders. However, not all days were the same or felt the same. Sometimes prayer came easily and it was welcomed. At other points, physical or mental fatigue set in, as did worries about what will be, or simply the listless feeling of time moving ever so slowly. [READ MORE...]

Your Health & Wellness Advice by Dr. David G. Schwartz M.D.


If our treatments are so effective, then why does the burden of chronic mental illness continue to rise? Investigative reporter and science writer, Robert Whitaker, reviews the scientific literature thoroughly and cuts through flawed science to explore the worsening trend of mental illness in this country with his book, Anatomy of An Epidemic.

In 2007 the disability rate for mental illness was 1 out of every 76 Americans, double the rate that it was in 1987 when Prozac was first approved, and 6 times the rate it had been in 1955, when the first anti-psychotic drugs were approved. In 1987, just 16,200 children were receiving SSI payments for mental illness. In 2007 the number rose 35 fold to 561,569. While this number doubled from 1996 to 2007, the number declined for other health problems over the same time period. The enormous increase in people with mental illness disability status could not be due to more generous availability of disability payments, especially since disability declined for non – mental health conditions, and since budget cuts have been more the norm than increases in the last several decades. [STAY HEALTHY, READ MORE]

Live Breaking News - World View from Other Countries

Catch up on Breaking World News. Read news from the U.S.A., China, France, Ireland/U.K. and Russia!
See what these countries are reporting and compare with what is being reported here in the United States. Very Interesting. [SEE LIVE BREAKING NEWS]

Current List of Animal Food Recalls and More!

A Constantly Updated List of All Animal (Exotic, Farm, Pets, etc.) Food Recalls from The American Veterinary Medical Association. Check Back Often! [SEE CURRENT RECALL LIST]

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