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Welcome to the November 2015 Edition!

Welcome to November! Can you believe 2015 is almost over? I cannot; it seems like just yesterday that the highly-anticipated summer season was about to begin. Now, the ground is littered with the brightly colored leaves that fall continuously this time of year. I savor every moment of those fleeting, deliciously warm "Indian Summer" days that occasionally grace us. Soon, all too soon, our lightweight sweaters and jackets will give way to heavy winter coats and boots. So, carpe diem!

November is observed as American Diabetes Month, National Family Caregivers Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month and Native American Indian Heritage Month. Daylight Savings Time ended at 2:00 a.m. on November, 1st; did you enjoy that extra hour's sleep as much as I did? I know we lose the hour next spring, but I like the extra hour in the fall.

We have Election Day on November 3, Veteran's Day is November 11 and Thanksgiving Day is November 26 this year. Louisa County schools are closed for a teacher's workday and Election Day on November 2 and 3, respectively. We celebrate Small Business Saturday on November 29, so go out and support your local businesses. We really appreciate and depend on your support!

Have a wonderful November and we'll see you back in December!

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Sponsor Spotlight - Joe Pine Builders


Take a drive down Courthouse Road in Spotsylvania County and when you see a beautiful log cabin building with a bright red metal roof, you know you’ve arrived at Joe Pine Builders Inc. From the moment you walk into the huge combination model log home and office, you know Joe Pine is no ordinary builder. There is a real Joe Pine and he’s very hands-on with his custom building company. Joe Pine Builders is a family business, with son Shawn working closely with his father Joe to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every project.

Joe Pine Builders specializes in custom designed log homes and has over 30 years of experience in home building. Serving the Lake Anna, Louisa, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg and Caroline County areas, Joe Pine Builders pride themselves on using only materials designed to give you the best quality and value for your money. Joe Pine Builders has chosen to be an Appalachian Log Structure dealer for these very reasons. The Appalachian Log homes are available in many various sizes and floor plans to suit anyone’s needs. [READ MORE]

Community Events

November is a busy month in our area, especially on the weekends! We still have loads of wonderful weather left this month, so don't let the nip in the air keep you inside. Several of the local vineyards have live music on the weekends and Louisa County Parks and Recreation always has something going on. The Quarter's Auction at the Betty Queen Center is always a great time. [SEE COMMUNITY EVENTS]

Food for the Soul by Pastor Alex Riffee


For what am I thankful? To be honest, I am thankful for kindness. It can be found everywhere, but it is sometimes hard to see. Sometimes it is hard to express. However, I know that when I receive kindness from the heart and actions of another individual, my course for the rest of the day is shifted onto a better path. I wonder if you have found the same to be true in your life.

Below you will find three stories from my own experiences that have taught me the power of kindness. I hope that these images last in my heart and foster a different outlook than I normally hold. It is also my hope that you see the power in the small things, so your focus will be transformed for the better. May you be fed by life and fed by these words! [READ MORE...]

Your Health & Wellness Advice by Dr. David G. Schwartz, M.D.


Dr. Mark Liponis in his book ULTRA-LONGEVITY , ISBN-13: 978-0-316-01728-2, explains with good documentation how an over-stimulated immune system contributes to nearly all chronic diseases in Western civilization. He proceeds to set forth methods of regulating, modulating the immune system so it is not running in “overdrive.”

Our immune defenses are important to protect against infection and injury, but all too often they are activated when these threats are not present, and this causes chronic inflammation and many degenerative diseases, including arthritis, a host of autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, etc.

The Immune system is activated by any one of a host of events, stressors, and behaviors, when it gets an alarm signal, which it interprets as an emergency, calling forth defense and attack modes. [STAY HEALTHY, READ MORE]

Food a La Carte

Recipes for November

Well here it is, November already! Those tell-tale signs of Fall are all here; the sunny, cool, crisp days and even cooler nights, the crackle and crunch of the leaves as you walk across the yard, the sudden appeal of a cup of coffee or tea in the evening. And, in my house and maybe yours, the reappearance of the crock pot is another signal that summer is over and winter is on the way.

Crock pots are a wonderful invention, aren't they? If you don't have one, get one now. Seriously. It will improve your life. I don't feel that strongly about many kitchen appliances, but every household should have a crock pot. What's not to like? With a crock pot, you can throw all your ingredients in the crock in the morning and come home to a hot, delicious meal that's ready to eat. And, the whole house smells heavenly! When you cook in a crock pot, you control how much [Food a La Carte, READ MORE]

Live Breaking News - World View from Other Countries

Catch up on Breaking World News. Read news from the U.S.A., China, France, Ireland/U.K. and Russia!
See what these countries are reporting and compare with what is being reported here in the United States. Very Interesting! [SEE LIVE BREAKING NEWS]

Current List of Animal Food Recalls and More!

A Constantly Updated List of All Animal (Exotic, Farm, Pets, etc.) Food Recalls from The American Veterinary Medical Association. Check Back Often! [SEE CURRENT RECALL LIST]

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