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Welcome to August 2015 Edition!

Wow. It's August already and, although you couldn't tell it by the weather, summer is almost over! This summer has really flown by; it seems like just a few short weeks ago we were anticipating the arrival of summer and now it's time to start thinking about fall.

The kids are back in school, effective August 12th, and by Labor Day, they will have attended school for almost a whole month! And, the mobile classrooms at Louisa County High School are a distant memory. Our brand-new, beautiful new high school will open its doors and welcome the first students to its halls this Fall. What an exciting time!!

Remember that we still have many weeks of delightful weather left in this summer. The Farmer's Markets are still open, the Louisa County Aquatic Facility is still open, the summer concerts are still going on...get out and make the most of the sizzling summer we have left!

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Sponsor Spotlight - Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital

Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Daniel Slovis has brought to our community a much needed state-of-the-art animal veterinary hospital - right here in Mineral, VA! Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital, located at 11012 Kentucky Springs Road, officially opened its doors on April 11, 2011. Ever since then, Dr. Slovis and his staff have been taking wonderful care of the lucky pets in our community. We are all very fortunate to have these great doctors and staff and this wonderful, state-of-the-art facility in our area.

As soon as you walk through the front door of the Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital, you know this is no ordinary veterinary hospital. The spacious and sparkling reception area greets you with welcoming seats and even a freshly-made cup of coffee, if you like. A friendly staff member immediately greets you and efficiently completes any necessary paperwork to expedite your pet’s care. The Lake Anna Veterinary Hospital mission statement is, “To Cultivate a loyal and growing clientele by utilizing advanced technology and compassionate care for you and your pet.” [READ MORE]

Community Events

Our busy summer continues into August, with lots of fun events and local happenings awaiting us this month! To start the month off right, don't miss the Caribbean Beach Party at Lake Anna Winery. This is one of the most highly anticipated events of the summer, don't miss out on all the fun!

The first weekend in August is also "Christmas in August" at Small Country Campground to benefit the Santa Council of Louisa. On the following Saturday, August 8, Small Country is holding a special concert event to benefit a number of children's groups, including the Louisa Santa Council, DARE, Special Olympics for Kids and more. “It’s a concert, a fair and a fundraiser rolled into one,” said organizer Bryan Small. There will be vendors, food, live music and fun for all. Please come out to Small Country Campground and have a wonderful time while helping to support these very worthwhile local causes. [SEE EVENTS]

Food for the Soul by Pastor Alex Riffee

"The Importance of Place"

Throughout the Bible, readers are brought into the storied lives of countless individuals who are caught in transit. Whether it originates from some command or, more simply, a feeling, people have picked up their staff and followed their instinct in order to better know God.

When Abraham was promised the start of a family, he left his father and the land in which he grew up and started walking to a place unknown. When the Israelites were strangers in a strange land with only the vision of a place flowing with milk and honey, they were called to follow Moses over rough and dry terrain. When Jesus met a few young men in Galilee who wondered what more their life could hold, he told them to cast down their nets and follow Him to help usher in the Kingdom of God. [READ MORE...]

Your Health & Wellness Advice by Dr. David G. Schwartz M.D.


Dr. Gøtzsche makes some astonishing claims that the global pharmaceutical industry can be compared to the mob. Is this hyperbole or reality? He is not alone in his outrage. Marcia Angell, M.D., former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, and Richard Smith, M.D., former editor of the British Medical Journal have written books about the corruption and have expressed dismay at the enormity of the problem. Rennie Drummond, M.D., deputy Editor of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association), has repeatedly written indignant editorials about unethical behavior by researchers and their sponsors. I have read plenty of editorials in JAMA about the conflict of interest physicians have with financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies, and about the lack of credibility in published research and treatment guidelines due to the corruption in research. They all seem to end on a hopeless note, that we don’t know how to solve the problem. I would say, “Just cut the financial ties!” I have written articles also on the lack of credibility of medical “science.”

What are the author’s qualifications to make such a statement? He is a Danish physician specializing in Internal Medicine with a master’s degree in biology and chemistry, and professor of Clinical Research and Design Analysis at University of Copenhagen. He co-founded the Cochrane Collaboration in 1993, is founder and head of the Nordic Cochrane Center. He is a member of several groups that publish guidelines about research protocols, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, and good reporting of research. The Cochrane Collaboration is an independent, nonprofit, non-governmental organization with 31,000 volunteers in more than 120 countries, whose purpose is to organize medical research information systematically to promote principals of evidence- based medicine. He has published 70 papers in the 5 major medical journals and has written several books, including Rational Diagnosis, Evidence Based Clinical Decision Making. [STAY HEALTHY, READ MORE]

Live Breaking News - World View from Other Countries

Catch up on Breaking World News. Read news from the U.S.A., China, France, Ireland/U.K. and Russia!
See what these countries are reporting and compare with what is being reported here in the United States. Very Interesting. [SEE LIVE BREAKING NEWS]

Current List of Animal Food Recalls and More!

A Constantly Updated List of All Animal (Exotic, Farm, Pets, etc.) Food Recalls from The American Veterinary Medical Association. Check Back Often! [SEE CURRENT RECALL LIST]

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