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Health & Wellness Advice

Written by Dr. David G. Schwartz, M.D.

Health and Wellness Advice

"NATURE FIX, by Florence Williams" - Commentary by Dr. David G. Schwartz, M.D.

Is spending time in natural environments a luxury or a necessity? Florence Williams traveled throughout the world studying projects that set out to answer that question and many more. The wisdom from all those studies speaks loudly, "Yes, being in nature is vital necessity for most or all people if we want to be healthy."

For centuries, poets and philosophers have extolled the benefits of being outdoors in nature, from Aristotle to Beethoven, Wordsworth, Tesla, Darwin, Einstein, Teddy Roosevelt, Walt Whitman, and of course, John Muir. Many of them walked in woods and gardens to help them think. The human species came out of wild nature. Our bodies are wild nature.(Read More)

Food A La Carte

Written by Sandy O'Brien

Food A La Carte

"Pumpkin Power"

Welcome to the October Edition of Food a La Carte! We're all about the pumpkin. But this time of year, who isn't? Look around at your local grocery store and you will see that practically everything is available in a pumpkin flavor...coffee creamer (YUM! Get that expensive coffeehouse flavor at a fraction of the price!), pancake and waffle mix, muffins, marshmallows, cakes, pasta, coffee, donuts, yogurt, baking chips (like chocolate chips, except pumpkin) you name it, it's available in pumpkin flavor but, for a limited time only!(Read More)

Food For The Soul

Food for the Soul

"How To Live In A State Of Non Attachment"
Written by Brian Richardson

Why should we live in a state of non attachment? There are plenty of reasons why living a life of non attachment is beneficial, and yet so often we are deterred by the notion, because we see people living the extreme example of this, and fear we might become the same.

The great thing about living in non attachment is that even if you do end up giving up all your possessions and living off the land, it will be what your soul truly desires, so you're just getting out of your own way in the long run. Attachments come in all shapes and sizes, and can sneak their way into our lives.(Read More)

Breaking World News

Breaking World News

Catch up on Breaking World News. Read news from the U.S.A., China, France, Ireland/U.K. and Russia! See what these countries are reporting and compare with what is being reported here in the United States. Very Interesting!

Current Animal Food Recalls

Pet Food Recall

A Constantly Updated List of All Animal (Exotic, Farm, Pets, etc.) Food Recalls from The American Veterinary Medical Association. Don't put your animals in unnecesary danger. Check Back Often For Updates!

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