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Welcome to August, 2014! Summer is winding down and we will soon be lamenting the cold and the fact that we can't get outside. As we all know, the nice weather won't last forever! So, take advantage of the waning days of summer and get out and enjoy the beautiful Central Virginia weather we enjoy here in Louisa!

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Sponsor Spotlight

Small Country Campground - Mini Golf Course Open to Public

Although the name is Small Country Campground, that's only because the owners are Bill and Ruth Small. There is NOTHING small about Small Country Campground - not even the new mini-golf course!

And, the brand new, mini-golf course is open to the public! Actually, there are a number of new recreational activities that are open to the public at Small Country, for a nominal fee. Finally, we have a local recreational facility for kids of all ages to do when the urge strikes! [Read More]

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The LouisaOnline.Com Public Forum Is Now Open

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Community Events

As usual, there are many, many events happening in our area this month. We have everything from the Louisa County Agricultural Fair, to music, a huge van show and much more! The Aquatic Facility at the Betty Queen Center will remain open until the end of the month; however, hours are restricted. Visit the Louisa County Parks, Recreation and Tourism web site for additional details.

The facilities at LCPRT remain open and activities are always in the works! Use the outdoor facilities as often as you can, year-round (with the exception of the Aquatic Facility)! [Read More]

Food for the Soul by Pastor Leroy Davis

Paper or Plastic?

One of the Saturday rituals in our house, and maybe yours, is a trip to the grocery store. Overall, I do not really mind going with Cathy. It helps her finish her list quicker; and, we can hold each other accountable in not buying items we (not so much she as I) might be tempted to buy if alone (such as, Krispy Kreme donuts, Rocky Road ice cream, Cheerwine soda, …). I must confess that another reason I like to go is the free samples. The brand new, 125,000 square foot store that recently opened near our house gives various free food samples, especially sushi - not uncooked, but fully cooked sushi. I enjoy most all sushi and am trying to introduce it my wife. Free samples of sushi in the grocery store are a safe (and cheap) method of expanding her tastes. [Read More]

Your Health & Wellness Advice by Dr. David G. Schwartz M.D.

Multifactoral Causes Of Overweight Conditions

STRESS: Compulsive overeating in response to stressful or “depressing” situations. “Stop, breathe, reflect, choose.” – a meditative technique. Lack of awareness of true hunger and of fullness due to distracting circumstances. Lack of awareness of thirst, creating false hunger. Stress hormones cause insulin resistance, overactive adrenals (Cushingoid) and food cravings. Lack of quality sleep, creating false hunger, maybe due to leptin deficiency. More likely to consume addictive substances – caffeine, sugar, alcohol. [Read More]

Life in Louisa by Sandy O'Brien

End of Summer Thoughts...

August always strikes me as a bittersweet month. Technically, there is still over a month left in the summer; Fall doesn't officially start until September 22nd at 10:29 p.m. But there are paradoxes that throw me off; the two seasons seem to intertwine in August.

The temperatures are warm and wonderful, perfect for any type of outdoor summer activity, but in Louisa, VA, our schools begin much earlier than most surrounding counties. This year the school year runs from August 13th through May 28th, 2015. Our high school students will be returning to their mobile classrooms in the shadow of their new school, which is scheduled to be ready by the beginning of the next school year. [Read More]

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