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Welcome to July, 2014! Have you been to the wonderful Farmer's Markets in Mineral and Louisa yet? It's a great way to start your Saturday morning and ensure you have fresh, delicious vegetables, breads and pastries all week long. Be sure and visit all spring and summer long for the best, freshest veggies, local crafts and foods. Buy Local!!

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Sponsor Spotlight

Asian Café

How times have changed. Who would have believed that we would have a fine dining, full-service Japanese restaurant at our fingertips, here in Louisa? Asian Cafe and owner Mudi Huang will be celebrating four years in business at the end of this year. Asian Café is conveniently located in Lake Anna Plaza (200 Lakefront Drive in Mineral, VA), just at the end of the Route 208 bridge.

Owner Jason (Mudi) Huang knew what he was doing when he opened Asian Café on December 31, 2010. He and his family have operated a successful restaurant in Orange, VA for many years and they have now brought their talents to our area. And everyone here has welcomed the Café with open arms! And why not? The food is out-of-this-world! [Read More]

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Community Events

Just a reminder, if you or your kids don't know how to swim, head over to the LCPRT Aquatic Facility. LCPRT has classes tailored for children as young as 3 years old and you're never too old (or too young) to learn such an important tool such as swimming. Follow this link to find out about swim lessons. And, it's really great low-impact exercise, too!

Louisa County Parks, Recreation & Tourism (LCPRT) is busy this month, as always. Classes, camps and activities of all kinds begin in July. You can play PickleBall on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. The "Summer Cinema Series" is in full swing on Tuesday nights; guitar lessons begin in July, along with classes in Yoga and Tai-Chi to help us de-stress! [Read More]

Food for the Soul

Paper or Plastic?

One of the Saturday rituals in our house, and maybe yours, is a trip to the grocery store. Overall, I do not really mind going with Cathy. It helps her finish her list quicker; and, we can hold each other accountable in not buying items we (not so much she as I) might be tempted to buy if alone (such as, Krispy Kreme donuts, Rocky Road ice cream, Cheerwine soda, …). I must confess that another reason I like to go is the free samples. The brand new, 125,000 square foot store that recently opened near our house gives various free food samples, especially sushi - not uncooked, but fully cooked sushi. I enjoy most all sushi and am trying to introduce it my wife. Free samples of sushi in the grocery store are a safe (and cheap) method of expanding her tastes. [Read More]

Your Health & Wellness Advice by Dr. David G. Schwartz M.D.

Questioning The Overall Benefit Of Medical Care

A basic assumption that receiving “health” care is always desirable needs to be questioned. What is the overall net effect for the whole population when the pluses and minuses are totaled? How can the individual choose real health care that is most beneficial and avoid taking unnecessary risks with dangerous medical and surgical treatments and hospitalizations? The benefits of medical care, both theoretical and proven, have been amply presented to us in volumes of information by the medical profession, health departments, news media and by word of mouth. In contrast, harmful effects are sporadically reported in terms of adverse events, medical errors, and malpractice. It is unusual to see a thoughtful evaluation of the overall picture, “weighing it in the balance.”

A commentary in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) 2009, by Kilo and Larson, “Exploring the Harmful Effects of Health Care” describes direct and indirect forms of harm and asks whether, in balance, the harmful effects are more than cancelled out by the benefits. Kilo and Larson point to direct harm due to physical harm from adverse drug reactions and medical errors, over-treatment and treatments without sufficient evidence of benefit. Another excess is intensive “life” prolonging end of life care, which only 30% of people over 80 want, but 63% receive anyway. [Read More]

Life in Louisa

Summer Fun

Life in Central Virginia is great all year-round, but summer is an especially great time to live in our area! Have you ever seen so many different shades of green?? Only the trees necessary to build our little house were removed, so outside our windows is a sea of every different variation of green imaginable. It is simply gorgeous; I can't help but smile every time I look out into Mother Nature's magnificence.

And, periodically, when I peer out in the early morning or at dusk, I am treated to the amazing grace and beauty of a doe and her babies. It is truly awesome. With all the growth in the area, sometimes you will even see a deer in the middle of the day. Since I have been living here in Louisa, I have seen more wildlife than I ever have in previous homes. I looked out the kitchen window, a couple of months ago, and what did I see but an owl sitting high in the bare branches of a tree. A friend had a bobcat meander through her yard several weeks ago; she also has an albino skunk that shows up periodically. As her husband likes to spread bird seed on the deck and watch the birds, he also now has a raccoon buddy who watches him from the deck through the screen porch. [Read More]

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