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Health & Wellness Advice

Commentary by Dr. David G. Schwartz, M.D.

Health and Wellness Advice

"TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY AND NEURO-OPTOMETRY" Review of The Ghost In My Brain, by Clark Elliot, Ph.D.

Millions of traumatic brain injuries are reported each year in the U.S., and many people have long lasting brain dysfunction. They are often misunderstood and feel left out of the health care system and are often told that nothing can help them recover. For many, they feel isolated and estranged even from themselves, since an important part of the identity is gone when many cognitive functions are lost, and sometimes the person feels as though he or she has died or is alien or nonhuman. This is what Dr. Elliot experienced after his car accident, for years afterward, until he discovered the behavioral optometry rehabilitation program that turned his life around to have nearly normal brain function now. (Read More)

Food A La Carte

by Sandy O'Brien

Food A La Carte

"Awesome Asparagus"

Spring is finally here and with it brings all sorts of wonderful fresh vegetables to our grocery stores, and this month our Farmer's Markets will open with the freshest of the fresh! I am happy for the beginning of the best season of the year, in my humble opinion. I am so ready for sweet, fresh vegetables and all the delicious ways to cook them. (Read More)

Food For The Soul

Food for the Soul

"Freedom Comes When Internal Harmony Is Achieved"

When we truly understand who we are and let go of the unnecessary ego/lower self more life force energy or chi flows in the body and we come back into electromagnetic balance and begin to empower ourselves and live life from a place of wholeness. Our relationships also improve as the people we accept into our lives must also come from a place of wholeness or they can see their dysfunction reflected back to them although they may not be aware of this. (Read More)

Breaking World News

Breaking World News

Catch up on Breaking World News. Read news from the U.S.A., China, France, Ireland/U.K. and Russia! See what these countries are reporting and compare with what is being reported here in the United States. Very Interesting!

Current Animal Food Recalls

Pet Food Recall

A Constantly Updated List of All Animal (Exotic, Farm, Pets, etc.) Food Recalls from The American Veterinary Medical Association. Don't put your animals in unnecesary danger. Check Back Often For Updates!

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