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Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy

Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy

Great Service - Great Prices

Have you seen that eye-catching, colorful Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy van cruising around the area lately? You can rest assured when that van or any of Wayne’s trucks is in your driveway, you’re in good hands. Owners David and Serena Fields are extremely passionate about their business – and their customers. They personally oversee every aspect of Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy and ensure complete customer satisfaction. Many companies say it, but at Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy, the customer is truly #1.

Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy is a locally owned and operated company, started in 1995 by Serena’s father Wayne. When David joined Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy full-time in 2002, he knew from firsthand experience at other companies what worked – and what didn’t. Complete and total satisfaction for each and every customer is the top priority and the only acceptable end result for all jobs, no matter how big or small.

rom the moment you place a call to Wayne’s, you will know this is no typical business. Unless circumstances are highly unusual, either David or Serena will answer your call personally. That is just one example of how seriously David and Serena take their business and how committed they are to customer satisfaction. If your call should go to voice mail, rest assured you will receive a return call within 15 minutes. How’s that for customer service?

Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy believes in being proactive in a homeowner’s approach to heating and cooling system maintenance, stressing to homeowners how important it is to properly maintain your largest financial investment. Proper routine maintenance of your heating and cooling system will save money by allowing you to catch and fix a problem while it is small. However, Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy professionals are not limited to heating and cooling systems. Being a leader in the industry, Wayne’s also sells and services tankless hot water heaters, generators, wood-burning furnaces with a focus on energy efficient products.

Delivering excellent customer service and doing what they say they’re going to do is of utmost importance to everyone at Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy. There’s no such thing as, “good enough” for a customer of Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy. One of David’s mentors gave him this advice, “There’s little to no traffic in the extra mile.” Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy will do whatever is necessary to go that extra mile to make sure every customer is a happy customer. Pride in workmanship is of paramount importance at Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy.

Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy also understands the importance of customers feeling safe and comfortable with the technicians. Every employee of Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy is highly trained and drug and alcohol-free for your confidence and security. And, Wayne’s rewards its hard-working employees in a variety of ways to ensure a high level of morale, dedication and company loyalty.

When a Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy technician enters your home, he immediately dons shoe covers to protect your floors. After each job is finished, the customer receives a customer satisfaction survey and all surveys are closely scrutinized by David and Serena personally. And, every single customer less than 100% satisfied receives a call to see what Wayne’s could have done better. Never content to be good, David lives by the creed of “Be better before bigger.”

The passion and drive of the owners is apparent in all they do. Even with two young children, the Fields still find time to be active in the community. They collect food for the local food pantry several times a year and are members of the Louisa Chamber of Commerce, Lake Anna Business Partnership and Memorial Baptist Church. David is also a member of the Lions Club.

Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy also provides an invaluable service to customers who are part-time residents of the area. Simply notify them of your arrival date and one of Wayne’s expert technicians will visit your home and service your systems before you arrive. This is a unique service Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy provides its customers and prevents any nasty surprises for homeowners looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend.

There are no “hidden charges” with Wayne’s; they operate on a flat rate fee so there are never any surprises. Emergency service calls, which take priority, won’t break your bank account, either. Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy takes great pride in its quality of service and reasonable rates. There are also tax credits and manufacturers discounts that Wayne’s will tell you about, to help you save money.

Find Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy Online or call (540) 967-1306 today to schedule your free in-home estimate! When you want the security of knowing your heating and cooling system is always in perfect running condition, put Wayne’s Heating, Cooling & Energy in charge.